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Tax Preparation Services

We live in an increasingly do-it-yourself world, with access to bookkeeping and tax software when it comes to filing our taxes.  Many of these companies convincingly sell how “with the click of a button” you can file your taxes.  However, our tax experts at DFW Multi Services have witnessed the many times tax payers unknowingly have missed deductions, forgotten W-2’s or 1099 information. In addition, online sources cannot be trusted to keep up with changes to tax laws! 

We are committed to all our clients to gather all the appropriate tax records for the previous year and accurately prepare and file your taxes by the deadline dates.  DFW Multi Services does not like filing extensions unless absolutely necessary!

As either an individual, small business owner or non-profit organization, it is important to remember that the benefits of having a professional handle tax preparation could end up saving you much more than the fees charged. As a locally owned and operated firm, DFW Multi Services strives to save you a vast amount of time and frustration.

Our tax preparation services provide:

  • Easy to follow tax guide/questionnaire

  • Expert and readily accessible staff to guide you through the process and deadline dates

  • Preparation of tax returns for businesses, or individuals

  • Tax planning (this service is done throughout the year, not at tax time when it’s too late)

  • Tax analysis and strategies

  • Prior tax return years review and re-files

  • Tax penalty notices

  • E-file Service


 Income Tax:        

  • Rapid Refund

  • File Extensions

  • W7 (request for ITIN)

  • Audits & Examinations

IRS Links:

a. Make an electronic payment to the IRS:


b. Check the status of your refund: click here


What to bring with you to file your Federal Income Tax:

  • Social Security Card(s)​

  • Dependents' Social Security Card(s) and Dates of Birth

  • Driver's License(s)

  • Wage Statements/Forms:

    • Form W-2

    • Pension or Retirement Income
      Form 1099-R

    • Interest and Dividend Income
      Form 1099-INT/Form 1099-DIV

    • State Income Tax Refund Amount
      Form 1099-G

    • Social Security Income
      Form SSA-1099

    • Unemployment Income
      Form 1099-G

    • Self-Employed Business/Farm Income and Expenses - Form 1099-MISC

  • Other Records:

    • Child Care Expenses and Provider Information

    • Medical, Eye Care, and Dental Expenses

    • Cash and Non-cash Charitable Donations

    • Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid - Form 1098

    • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Paid

    • Educational Expenses

  • If filing for a W7/ITIN:

    • Birth Certificate

    • Non-expired Government issued ID

    • For children bring the immunization or school records

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